The Sullivan Group and EUC join forces to release web-based ultrasound curriculum

Today The Sullivan Group (TSG), the leader in web-based clinical risk management solutions, announced a partnership with Emergency Ultrasound Consultants (EUC), the leader in point-of-care ultrasound education, to offer a library of courses targeted at leveraging ultrasound in the Emergency Medicine environment.

Declines in cost and improvements in technology and portability have resulted in increasing availability of ultrasound at the point of care. With the appropriate training, ED physicians can efficiently and effectively use ultrasound to screen for many high-risk conditions such as AAA, presence of foreign bodies, and existence of pericardial effusion, dramatically improving patient outcomes and emergency department throughput.

EUC and TSG will jointly launch a unique web-based educational series in 2010 called “Sound Medical Practice: Reducing Medical Errors by Using Emergency Ultrasound.” This series of dynamic courses will educate physicians, healthcare professionals and administrators on how to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and effect clinical decision-making by using ultrasound in emergency, trauma and critical care settings. “Our combined areas of expertise are a powerful, natural fit,” says EUC President and CEO Dr. Paul Sierzenski. “EUC’s proven ultrasound educational products and quality assurance services integrate well with TSG’s performance improvement focus. TSG’s robust web-based delivery and knowledge assessment system will further enhance the impact of this offering,” Dr. Sierzenski added.

Courses will include ultrasound guidance on procedures and common clinical scenarios where the delay in diagnosis represents significant risk to patient care. Compliance with national ultrasound recommendations, such as those by the AHRQ and other quality organizations, will be addressed.

“Point-of-care ultrasound is one of the most powerful yet under-utilized risk management tools deployed in EDs today,” said Dr. Sullivan, President and CEO of TSG. “Fortunately, the use of point-of-care ultrasound is growing rapidly in Emergency Medicine as clinicians recognize the opportunities to improve patient care and reduce errors.”

Leading medical specialists such as EUC continue to leverage TSG’s world-class Learning Management System (LMS) to bring their expertise to the healthcare community. TSG’s LMS allows authors to rapidly create lessons formatted for the web and disseminate that material to the 50,000 healthcare providers currently working with TSG.

About The Sullivan Group

The Sullivan Group’s patient safety and risk management system combines web-based risk and safety education programs, intelligent medical records for physicians and nurses, and a web-based clinical audit tool to help medical professionals decrease errors and improve patient outcomes. This new paradigm in risk reduction and patient safety has helped hundreds of hospital emergency departments reduce medical errors and their malpractice claims by more than 40%. The Sullivan Group serves more than 600 hospitals, healthcare organizations and insurance companies nationwide. For more information, please visit, or call 1-866-633-7475.

About Emergency Ultrasound Consultants, LLC

Emergency Ultrasound Consultants, LLC (EUC), the experts in point-of-care ultrasound education and quality assurance solutions, is headquartered near Wilmington, Delaware. The company includes over 25 board-certified physicians who are fellowship-trained and nationally certified in ultrasound. EUC faculty have been pioneers in point-of-care ultrasound education, research, guideline development and clinical ultrasound health policy. EUC has provided physician ultrasound training, educational products, quality assurance and industry consulting since 2002.