By Paul Sierzenski MD RDMS, Eitan Dickman MD RDMS, Michael Blaivas MD RDMS


Real clinical cases compiled by world-recognized experts


These are actual cases encountered in real world situation. Each case contains the patient history along with a description of what you are seeing in the study performed. It will help you identify, review and study ultrasound pathology from over 10 different ultrasound applications, incorporating over 15 organ systems.

Recognize and review key abnormal findings on 85 high quality videos


The ability to recognize and review key abnormal findings is critical to learning and improving ultrasound skills. This CD contains real-time high quality video with the ability to pause the video and view an overlay labeling which clearly identifies key anatomy and pathology. In addition, videos can be looped.

Applicable to providers in various fields


Providers in Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, OB/GYN, Anesthesia, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine will all find this CD a practical addition to their reference library.

If you’ve never seen it, you just might miss it!


Covers 10 different ultrasound applications from 15 organ systems


  • Ocular
  • Cardiac
  • Procedures
  • Abdominal (FAST and Aorta)
  • Gallbladder / Liver
  • Thoracic
  • Genitourinary
  • Female Pelvis
  • Scrotum / Testicle

Minimum System Requirements

  • PC: Pentium III, 500 MHz, 128 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive
  • Mac: G4 or faster, 128 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive
  • Monitor Resolution: 800×600 or larger
  • Software Requirements: Apple QuickTime 6.0 or later. (Installer included on CD-ROM if needed.)

If you don’t like it, we’ll refund your money


We will refund any payment, excluding shipping costs, within 30 days from the date that payment was made. Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing. Refunded amounts will be credited to the customer’s credit card.


Kevin Knoop MD, author of “The Atlas of Emergency Medicine”


The Video Atlas of Abnormal Bedside Ultrasounds by Sierzenski, Dickman, and Blaivas is an outstanding resource to have in any Emergency Department that is performing this exciting new bedside modality. This first of its kind program functions as a wonderful reference as well as a unique bedside teaching aid. I found it runs equally well on both PC and MAC platforms, has an incredibly user friendly interface, and clearly demonstrates a wide array of pathology, making it indispensable for the student and practitioner alike.”