Exclusive to Emergency Ultrasound Consultants

The Virtual Ultrasound Director was developed by experts at EUC as a quality assurance process in clinical ultrasound. The Virtual Ultrasound Director program accelerates physician training, competence and credentialing in point-of-care ultrasound. You can only find it here.

Close the gap with proven quality assurance, ongoing education, and mentoring

New programs face several challenges. We know, because as practicing physicians, we’ve been there. To help our clients with these challenges, we developed the Virtual Ultrasound Director. The Virtual Ultrasound Director enables us to work directly with clinicians, via the web, to offer quality assurance, risk reduction, support your credentialing program, provide ongoing education, and mentor your director-in-training.

Expert image peer review

Our expert board certified, fellowship trained faculty review your studies and provide the essential feedback needed to improve your skills and ultrasound knowledge. This decreases the time it takes for physicians to become credentialed in ultrasound. As co-authors of the ACEP credentialing guidelines, we confirm if your studies meets ACEP credentialing criteria to assure you can get your credentialed status.

Live monthly webinars

We provide monthly live interactive voice-over IP webinars. Your assigned expert director will review your studies from the last month, key components of using your equipment, review protocols and key pathology. Each webinar is recorded and is available for viewing for 12 months online.

Mentoring your Director

We realize that there are many talented people in your group. We’ll help mentor your designated onsite ultrasound director so that when our services are no longer needed, they will have the insight and understanding to manage your clinical ultrasound program.